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UNDP, Al-Jadeed TV Sign Media Agreement in Support of "Live Lebanon"
The UN Development Program (UNDP) in Lebanon in cooperation with the UN Information Centre in Beirut (UNIC-Beirut) launched today a one-year media partnership between Al-Jadeed TV and the Program to promote the “Live Lebanon” initiative that is implemented by UNDP in partnership with Bank of Beirut and Arab Countries (BBAC). A memorandum of understanding was signed between Al-Jadeed General Manager Dimitri Khodr and UNDP Resident Representative Robert Watkins at a press conference held at the Movenpick Hotel, Beirut, in the presence of Goodwill Ambassadors of the “Live Lebanon” initiative and a number of prominent media figures in Lebanon.

The “Live Lebanon” initiative connects Lebanese individuals and associations around the world committed to local development projects in Lebanon. These projects are implemented in cooperation with the local communities, especially municipalities, to support community priorities related to youth, health, environment, and income generating activities.

Watkins said the Lebanese media can play an especially critical role in helping achieve the goals of “Live Lebanon” initiative. “The media create awareness and disseminate powerful information about the existence and scope of intense disparity facing Lebanese communities in a country with so much wealth. Media have the means to inspire, to literally shape the way people think and act, to shift public attitudes in simple, yet profound ways by bringing human stories to people and making emotional connections across social and physical divides,” he added. Watkins thanked Al-Jadeed which has established itself not only as Lebanon’s leading television channel, but also one of the most well known in the Arab world, and among the Arab diaspora. He went on to say that through Al Jadeed, the Live Lebanon message will reach millions of homes across the region and around the world, “a contribution that cannot be overestimated”.

Khodr, for his part, said Al-Jadeed TV lives Lebanon with all its daily details on its own way, whether through daring programs, freedom of expression or combating all forms of persecutions, including prison, unfair judiciary or the martyrdom of colleagues. “But today, we want to set aside freedom and courage a little bit to engage with UNDP in a new Live Lebanon experience,” he added.

UNIC-Beirut Director Bahaa Elkoussy referred to the key role the Centre played in mediating this important and unprecedented media partnership, since such a memorandum of understanding is signed for the first time in Lebanon and the Arab region between the UN and a TV station for one whole year. “Through this partnership, Al-Jadeed TV will contribute to raising awareness about living conditions of local communities, strive to highlight the most pressing needs of deprived areas, and incite all Lebanese people to “Live Lebanon… Indeed” through contributions to the initiative,” he said.

BBAC President and General Manager Sheikh Ghassan Assaf pointed to the bank’s slogan “Your Caring Bank”, and said that through BBAC’s values and social responsibility “we are able to achieve results through Live Lebanon initiative”. Assaf added that the project, through its working team and Ambassadors, represents one big family that underscores the value of joining forces around “Live Lebanon” initiative to the best interest of all Lebanese, without any discrimination or discrepancy, but rather through genuine collaboration and partnership that target the most economically vulnerable in Lebanon.

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