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Together for tomorrow- by Lynn Daaboul, Université Saint-Esprit De Kaslik (USEK)
The Syrian conflict broke out in 2011 and since then approximately 1.2 million Syrian refugees fled to Lebanon.

What could be worse than having your home country being destroyed and torn with conflicts? What could be worse than having to flee and leave everything behind? What could be worse than not having a safer tomorrow guaranteed? What could be worse than losing members of your family? What could be worse than experiencing the horrible trauma of war? I think what could possibly be worse is trying to run away from all of that and then having to deal with discrimination, racism and marginalization on a daily basis.

As years go by, we expect societies and people to evolve towards open-mindedness. However, we seem to experience the complete opposite. Unfortunately, we live in a world today characterized by inhumanity and xenophobia. Millions of people are forced to flee their homes everyday and have to face the cruel reality of being rejected in their host countries. Our duty as humans, before anything, is to show respect, safety, and promote dignity for all.

Not being able to ignore the sad reality, I became conscious that it was time for our generation to stand up for what is right and to find solutions to our world that is now being torn apart by wars. Anyone can contribute to small changes that can have huge effects. Anyone can become an advocate for human rights, an activist of liberty and be part of change starting in their community. We can all stand together for a brighter and hopeful future, and so I decided I wanted to be part of that.

After attending a briefing session concerning the TOGETHER campaign, I was definitely willing to promote change and so I decided to start doing that in my neighborhood.

Our janitor left Syria in 2012, with his wife and two little kids. Throughout their time over here, they weren't able to register their children in public Lebanese schools. Education should be every child's right and nobody should have that opportunity taken away, no matter what the circumstances are. Dedicated to find a solution for the kids, my mother and I came across a school that works in collaboration with UNICEF that is trying to deliver descent education to refugees in Lebanon. The kids are now enrolled for free in that pre-school and go three days a week, learning Arabic, English and French.

Nowadays, the UN could be a source of stability to our complicated and uncertain world that is being characterized by national security threats in various states and I believe the TOGETHER campaign can play a crucial and positive role in different societies.

I hope more people can take part in such a lively and positive campaign, which could be able to redefine our negative perceptions and attitudes towards refugees and migrants into encouraging ones, putting stereotypes and prejudice aside once and for all.

Together for tomorrow- by Lynn Daaboul, Universite Saint-Esprit De Kaslik (USEK)

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