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The Syrian Refugees- by Charline Elias, Lebanese Canadian University (LCU)
The world is facing the worst refugee crisis since World War 2, Lebanon is handling an intense flood of refugees from Syria, and not one creditable policy or regulation has been adopted since their arrival in 2011.

When we consider integrating refugees in our society, it is a major challenge since the present status quo undermines Lebanon's coexistence and encourages extremism. Thus, the international community has a responsibility to act accordingly and assist both the Lebanese people as a host community and those who have fallen victim of war, before we face an increased risk of conflict and/or a demographic crisis.

In the end, when we lend a helping hand to refugees, we are doing so to the people who will one day go back to rebuild Syria and forever be grateful.

They are helpless human beings who've been through the darkest aspects of life, we must not make it worse on them. Regardless of our religions or values, let us allow our humanity to guide our actions.

We are all capable of supporting them to get back on their feet and sense some joy and security in their families once again. We can begin with the people in our neighborhood or those who dwell near our universities or work places; aside from our compassion and respect, we can give away the smallest things we don't need but can do them a great service when it comes to shelter or food.

In my understanding, I will simply live up to my principles and beliefs every day and I refuse to resent a person, discriminate him, or show him no mercy because of any reason whatsoever.

Charline ELIAS

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