Spain to fund operating costs of two UNRWA health centres — embassy

Spanish Ambassador to Jordan Aránzazu Dávalos (left) tours an UNRWA health facility on Monday (Photo courtesy of the Spanish embassy in Amman)

The Spanish embassy in Amman on Monday announced it would fund the operating costs of two UNRWA health centres in Jordan.

Spain will fund the health centres through a 500,000 euro donation administered by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, according to a statement sent from the embassy. The donation is expected to fund the centres’ operations over the next 15 months.

The funding was announced during Spanish Ambassador to Jordan Aránzazu Dávalos’ visit to the UNRWA Talbiyeh and Madaba health centres, where the ambassador toured the various health services provided by the centres. The agency’s healthcare services include diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, reduction in the rate of complications from non-communicable diseases, control of communicable and non-communicable diseases and access to medical professionals and prescription medication, according to the statement.