UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Jan Kubis Remarks after Meeting Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil

I was very much encouraged by speaking with His Excellency the Minister a few days after my arrival in the country. I was very happy that our dialogue very clearly manifested that His Excellency is very determined and would like to do everything possible to process through the government, in consultation with political forces and then passed by the Parliament, the new budget of the country. It is one of the, if not the most important document and piece of legislation submitted in every country and the basis on which the political forces and the Parliament and the Government operate. I am very much impressed by the determination of His Excellency and his first steps.

We discussed also how the international community can assist the Government in implementing a whole range of objectives, including objectives of reform, of good management, of good financial management of Lebanon. I pledged support on behalf of the UN family and cooperation through my contacts with the broader international community, starting with the international financial institutions.

His Excellency outlined a number of very important issues that are going beyond and above discussions of the file of the Ministry that he heads. I am very glad that he agreed to continue discussing the whole range of critical issues on the agenda before the country and before the government and before the people.

I hope it will be the start of very productive cooperation and consultations.

Thank you very much.