UN rights reporting process gets started

Roueida El Hage and Caroline Ziade attend the conference in Beirut, April 15, 2019. (The Daily Star/AUB, HO)

Lebanese officials this week launched the process of reporting to the United Nations on the country’s progress in implementing its human rights commitments.

The Universal Periodic Review is, as the name suggests, a periodic review of the human rights record of U.N. member states.

As part of the process, member states make recommendations to other states on ways to improve their human rights records.

Each state decides whether to accept the recommendations, and then reports on progress made in implementing those it has accepted.

Lebanon submitted its last UPR report in November 2015. The next report is due this November.

Officials from across Lebanon’s government ministries gathered Monday and Tuesday in Beirut at a workshop, organized by the U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights for the Middle East and North Africa, to begin the process of developing the new report. U.N. staff serve in an advisory capacity in the process, but producing the report is the member state’s obligation, Roueida El Hage, the OHCHR’s regional representative, told The Daily Star.