Public Matters Lebanon NGO, UNIC Beirut launch environmental campaign entitled #Reduce


Beirut, 2 December 2019 (United Nations Information Centre)  -- In line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) launched by the United Nations in 2015, and based on the belief that every person can make a change, even if minor, for a better Lebanon, Public Matters Lebanon NGO, in collaboration with the United Nations Information Centre in Beirut (UNIC Beirut), launched Sunday an environmental campaign entitled #Reduce.

The campaign aims at reducing Lebanon’s sea pollution and preserving the remaining marine biosphere, which is contaminated as a result of the excessive use of plastic and waste, in the absence of awareness and policies necessary to address the growing waste crisis in Lebanon.

The campaign includes a series of awareness-raising activities targeting all segments of society but focusing on children and their demands for establishing a healthy environment in Lebanon and a clean sea that will provide them with good health instead of diseases and germs.

A short video about the campaign will be screened in cinemas and on TV stations, electronic advertising screens and social media platforms. It is directed by Nassif Al-Rayes with the participation of Lebanese famous actor Badih Abu Chakra.

In order to reach the largest number possible of beneficiaries from various Lebanese regions and change their daily habits to preserve the environment, the campaign will include three plans of implementation using Public Matters Lebanon online platforms.

First, the establishment of an atelier dedicated to the manufacturing of eco-friendly shopping bags, an initiative that will reduce the use of plastic bags are eventually flowing into the sea. This initiative aims at creating job opportunities for women participating in this atelier in all Lebanese regions. Every municipality can join this initiative.

Second, the cooperation with the Ministry of Environment that is already supporting the Eco Children Committee to discuss the consequences of pollution caused by the use of plastics in Lebanon and provide constructive solutions and initiatives to address this urgent environmental phenomenon. Third, the cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to promote #Reduce campaign among all private and public schools in Lebanon, in addition to organizing one related environmental activity, which will be announced in January 2020.

#Reduce is a sustainable campaign that stresses the environment as being part of people’s culture, on the basis of which they can build the Lebanon they aspire to - a final home for Lebanese children, youth, elderly people, and women. People should always remember that children are the future and could be given the role that adults failed to play. The media can also play a key role in supporting this campaign.

Public Matters Lebanon is a non-governmental organization that aims at empowering children to play a leading role in building their future within their country, by engaging them in various annual campaigns to foster a sense of belonging and strengthen their capacity to participate in social, environmental, cultural, and educational decision-making issues, in order to build a better Lebanon.