UNHCR launches drive in solidarity with refugees


UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, on Tuesday announced a new global campaign calling on people all over the world to cover the distance travelled by refugees each year. The ‘2 Billion Kilometres to Safety’ campaign will encourage people to support refugees by championing individual acts of solidarity. These acts, when taken together, acknowledge the resilience and strength of refugees. The UNHCR traced the journeys of refugees around the world and calculated that collectively, people forced to flee travel approximately two billion kilometres every year to reach the first point of safety. In 2016, Syrian refugees travelled more than 240 kilometres to reach Turkey. South Sudanese refugees travelled more than 640 kilometres to reach Kenya, and Rohingya refugees in Myanmar travelled approximately 80 kilometres to reach Bangladesh. The new campaign invites people to act in solidarity and run, walk or cycle to achieve a cumulative total of two billion kilometres.