Ministry of Industry, UNIDO launch preventive measures guide to combat Covid-19 in Lebanese factories


The Ministry of Industry and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) on Wednesday launched at the Grand Serail a guide titled "Recommendations and Preventive Measures to Combat Covid-19 in the Industrial Sector", under the auspices of Prime Minister Dr. Hassan Diab, represented by Minister of Industry, Dr. Imad Hoballah.

The event witnessed the attendance of Ministers, UN representatives, foreign diplomats, and other senior officials and dignitaries. 

Japanese Ambassador, OKUBO Takeshi, delivered a word in which he expressed his government’s “great honor to finance this guide to help face the grave challenges of the novel Coronavirus, which is a pandemic that poses a major global threat.”

“Today, the industrial sector has become more important to provide all the needs to confront Covid-19, and therefore it is necessary to provide this sector with standardized preventive measures in one guide,” the Japanese diplomat said. 

He also praised the efforts of the Lebanese government, noting that "Lebanon's stability is essential to that of the Middle East."

For her part, Italian Ambassador to Lebanon, Nicoletta Bombardieri, affirmed that Italy's cooperation with Lebanon had always focused on supporting the productive sectors in the country, as well as all the projects that aim to enhance livelihoods. 

“The Coronavirus outbreak has made us focus more on supporting these projects,” she added, confirming her country’s support to the Lebanese people and government. 

"Italy is contributing to a project to establish three industrial zones in Lebanon, in addition to its support to the agricultural sector,” the Italian diplomat said. 

Minister of Industry, Imad Hoballah said, “It is a pleasure to launch today a new phase of scientific and practical measures to confront the Coronavirus pandemic in Lebanese factories.” 

He added that the Ministry of Industry had already taken a series of measures in this framework to fortify work safety in the industrial sector, as well as to keep pace with the escalating national production. 

“Today we launch this joint activity between the Ministry of Industry and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) — in the framework of close and continuous cooperation, in coordination with other United Nations organizations over multiple goals and tasks to achieve what we want with determination and planning, namely the establishment of a distinctive and sustainable industrial production sector, which is also safe and effective (...) as quickly as possible, at the lowest possible cost, and with the best results expected,” Hoballah explained. 

The minister also highlighted the fact that the industrial sector was considered an essential pillar of the multilateral food, health, medical, economic, and social security in Lebanon. 

“The Lebanese industrialists have a strong will and a great ability to adapt to difficult circumstances, and most importantly, they enjoy high efficiency in production. We are working to keep pace with them within the framework of organizational management, stimulus, and support,” he added. 

Hoballah then expressed belief that the Lebanese transition from rent to productive economy strongly relied on capacity in production, especially in the fields of industry, agriculture, technology and services. 

For her part, Minister of Labor, Lamia Yammine, delivered a speech stressing the importance of the launched guide. “We value its content, as it constitutes an effective way to communicate the necessary information and to clarify preventive measures to fight this disease.“

The labor minister went on to say that her ministry, in cooperation with the International Labor Organization, had organized a training course for the ministry's inspectors, including technicians and administrators, on how to conduct inspections and awareness among institutions to implement the Covid-19 circulars, which are considered a roadmap for comprehensive awareness on the risks ensued by spreading the virus.

“I assure you that the ministry of labor’s Covid-19 team is working relentlessly to make the confrontation plan a success and to ensure that the required standards are being implemented,” she added. 

She finally emphasized that teamwork was the best means to reach success and to attain the desired goals.