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UN chief calls for greater protection for children caught up in COVID-19 crisis

The looming global recession resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic could cause hundreds of thousands of additional child deaths this year, effectively reversing recent gains in reducing infant mortality, a new UN report issued on Thursday has revealed.

In a statement on the new findings, UN Secretary-General António Guterres called for urgent action to support the world’s children amid the universal crisis.

COVID-19 storm strengthens across Europe, controlling transmission everywhere, essential: Tedros

The storm clouds of COVID-19 still hang heavily over Europe, a senior World Health Organization (WHO) expert said on Thursday, with reported cases in the last 10 days alone, doubling to nearly 1 million. The continent now accounts for 10 per cent of the global total. 

“Sadly, over 84,000 people in Europe have lost their lives to the virus”, said Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, during a briefing from the Danish capital, Copenhagen. 

WHO reviewing impact of US funding withdrawal amid COVID-19 pandemic

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday upheld the importance of international solidarity in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic: a “dangerous enemy” to all humanity.

Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was speaking to journalists one day after the United States announced that it was cutting funding to the UN health agency, pending a review of how the agency responded to the initial outbreak in China that first surfaced at the very end of December.

UNIFIL support to curb COVID-19 spread continues

Donations from UNIFIL peacekeepers continued today with various medical and personal protective equipment handed to their host communities in south Lebanon in their collective efforts to contain the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. 

The peacekeeping mission’s French and Ghanaian peacekeepers as well as UNIFIL Sector East peacekeepers handed out those life-saving items within their respective areas of responsibility.

Open letter from the Regional Directors of UNDP, UNWOMEN, UNFPA and ESCWA in the Arab States region to governments in the region

At the beginning of this week, the United Nations Secretary-General issued an appeal to stop violence everywhere including violence in the home. As Directors of the four United Nations Agencies who have been working together to highlight the importance of Gender Justice and Equality before the law as a clear path towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, we call upon states in the Arab states region to respond to the Secretary-General’s appeal.

Now is ‘not the time’ to reduce funding for the World Health Organization in COVID-19 fight, urges Guterres


Now is a time for unity in the global battle to push the COVID-19 pandemic into reverse, not a time to cut the resources of the World Health Organization (WHO), which is spearheading and coordinating the global body’s efforts, said UN chief António Guterres, on Tuesday.