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Lebanese communities continue to receive UNIFIL support to contain COVID-19 spread

UNIFIL continued today with its ongoing efforts to assist the host population in our common fight against COVID-19 Coronavirus by donating several equipment to state institutions and local communities in south-eastern Lebanon.

The donation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other supplies necessary for the containment of the virus, in support to the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health in Marjayoun, will benefit 13 villages and 10 state institutions.

UNIFIL healthcare peacekeepers work relentlessly to prevent spread of COVID-19 virus

Today, on World Health Day, UNIFIL joins the World Health Organization (WHO) in honouring doctors and nurses, not just in Lebanon, but everywhere in the world, as they are on the frontlines of the fight against the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

UNIFIL doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers are playing an outstanding role during this crisis.

Commanding Officer Lt. Col. G.S. Suri of UNIFIL Naqoura Hospital, who is also an ENT surgeon from India, is one of them.

Lady Gaga curating global event to boost healthcare workers on coronavirus front line


The World Health Organization (WHO) has teamed up with international advocacy organization Global Citizen, to launch ‘One World Together At Home”, a global television and streaming special, curated by superstar singer-songwriter Lady Gaga, to celebrate frontline health care workers around the globe in their unrelenting battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.